On Tuesday, March 26, 2019, Faspay received a visit from the participants of the Digital Economy Domestic Strategic Study (SSDN) from the Bank Indonesia Leadership School learning program organized by the Bank Indonesia Institute. On this occasion, five participants of the 2019 SESPI activities consisting of Echelon II officials at Bank Indonesia accompanied by two representatives from Bank Indonesia Institute and Dunamis were present to discuss with the Faspay team and exchange information about developments in the world of fintech, especially from the Payment Gateway field.

The participants of the SESPI activities are candidates for future leaders at Bank Indonesia who are required to undertake learning programs conducted in the classroom and also by going directly to the industry. This year the theme raised was “Building Transformative Leadership in Encouraging Sustainability of National Economic Development in the Digital Economy Era”.

The event was held at the Faspay office at 15.30 – 17.30 WIB where on this occasion Faspay introduced the background of the establishment of Faspay to the development trend of the online payment world in Indonesia. The five participants actively gave questions addressed to the Faspay team about Faspay’s collaboration with banks, telco, retail companies to fintech who became Faspay’s payment channel partners.

As we know, the large selection of online payment channels has made it easier for the public to conduct online transactions and support the growth of various industries in Indonesia, such as ecommerce, fintech, hospitality, ticketing and various other industries. Support from the government is also one of the keys to the growth of the digital world, especially in the field of fintech. Of course Faspay hopes that educational programs like SESPI can help regulators to understand more about the world of fintech and moreover can support the progress of the fintech industry as a whole.