Our Business


IT Network Solution

Astel Group equips customers with the necessary technology to support and achieve their business objectives.


Service Provider

Astel Group acquires service-based businesses to offer more quality innovative solutions for its customers and grows, in line with its long term growth strategy.


Digital Business

Astel Group adds optimal benefits for its customers, allowing them to choose the best solution for distribution and trade through electronic and online transactions.


PT. Sisindokom Lintasbuana

Founded in 1990, Sisindokom Lintasbuana is currently known as one of the largest system integrator in Indonesia. The company offers an integrated ICT solution to cater the needs of various industry leaders, such as Telkomsel, Bank Mandiri, Pertamina, and many others.

PT. Astel Sistem Teknologi

The company provides network infrastructure for SMEs to large entreprises, offering multi-brand solutions at various pricing points. It has strong footprints of data & network integration using various technologies throughout Indonesia.


PT.Mediatek Solusindo

PT.Mediatek Solusindo is a leading integrated solution provider in telecommunication and computing solution applications. With multi-skills personnel and years of experience, Mediatek Solusindo has the abilities to offer the flexibility and efficiency of tailor-made solutions to customers, through long-term mutually beneficial collaborations.


PT Jasnikom Gemanusa

Jasnikom Gemanusa was founded in 1997, offering a complete range of tailored connectivity and communication solution throughout Indonesia archipelago. The company is equipped with multi-skill employees that are licensed by technology and safety partner to implement various connectivity solutions using microwave radio, broadband wireless technology, satellite communication, and fiber optic technology at difficult remote areas.

PT Graha Informatika Nusantara

Graha Informatika Nusantara (Gratika) is a joint venture between ASTEL Group and Dana Pensiun Telkom, focusing in bringing value-added services to . Its business focus are including cellular and fixed business solutions for telecommunication companies, prepaid reload trading business, and telecommunication infrastructures.


PT Sistelindo Mitralintas

Sistelindo is a service provider company of data communication services and value added network services which was established in 31 March 1994 under the name of PT Sistelindo Mitralintas. Domestically Sistelindo has been servicing more than hundred customers of multinational companies and local companies in the area of MDNS (Managed Data Network Services), EVPN – Network Based, RAS (Remote Access Services) connection and customers (including government institutions) both corporates and individuals for Internet services. As a System Integrator Company, Sistelindo provides various kind ICT Solution to any kind industry such as Port, Transportation, Mining, Public Service etc.

PT. Provis Garuda Services

PT. Provis Garuda Services (Provis) was established in 1990 and become Workforce Management Company/ Manage Services/ Business Process Outsourcing with three business segments as follows:

  • HR Services
  • Cleaning Services
  • Security Services

Currently Provis has been entrusted by its clients, consisting of more than 40 companies including foreign company/ PMA, private, state-owned companies and large corporation, to manage their workforce, numbering in the thousands, with placement locations spread across 150 cities in Indonesia. Provis still continues to innovate their service to adapt to changing global conditions as part of commitment from Management.


PT Datacell Infomedia

With over 17 years experience in the digital business, Datacell is committed to continuously growing and innovating in digital & technology by providing various digital products & services, as well as providing digital payment solution through e-money service.

PT EDI Indonesia

Founded on 1st June 1995, PT EDI Indonesia was awarded by Minister of Post and Telecommunication Republic of Indonesia as the provider of Electronic Commerce/ Electronic Data Interchange Services. The company is a joint-venture between PT. Pelindo II and PT. Sisindosat Teknologi.


PT Media Indonusa

Faspay (PT. Media Indonusa), as a subsidiary of ASTEL Group, was founded in 2003. Currently being the first official Payment Gateway licensed by the Central Bank of Indonesia, Faspay has taken the business more serious than ever to keep up its reputation and to provide excellent service as a whole. In November 2018, Faspay received another licensed from Bank Indonesia for Disbursement service. Faspay now focuses with its three business pillars, from Mobile Banking, Payment Gateway and Disbursement service. In 2019, Faspay received an international recognition as Indonesia Payment Gateway Company of the Year from Frost & Sullivan.

PT Artajasa Pembayaran Elektronis

PT Artajasa Pembayaran Elektronis (Artajasa) was established in 2000 and make a breakthrough and shows its first success by becoming the first non-bank clearing institution for retail transactions in Indonesia by becoming a member of the BI-RTGS system. Other ARTAJASA Achievement in 2004 by developing inter-bank transfer service in real time on-line through the ATM.