Seeing the rapid development of Fintech and Capital Market in Indonesia, the Indonesian Fintech Association (AFTECH) in collaboration with the Indonesia Stock Exchange held a “FinTech for Capital Market Expo 2019” event on Wednesday, June 19, 2019 at IDX Main Hall, Indonesia Stock Exchange Building ,Jakarta. With the theme “The Role of Fintech in Increasing Financial Deepening in the Capital Market Industry”, the purpose of this event is to bridge concrete collaboration between players in the fintech industry and stock exchange members. Seeing the opportunity that was open for Faspay to collaborate with securities companies to be more innovative and adaptive to financial technology, Faspay participated in this Fintech for Capital Market Expo event. Attended by more than 400 visitors from various backgrounds, the event consisted of several sections, namely seminar sessions, business matching and expos.

In this event, Sunny Prima Juwita, Head of Merchant Acquisition of Faspay explained about challenges in the capital market and Faspay services that can facilitate the reach and accessibility of capital markets. According to Sunny, challenges in the capital market related to accessibility include investors who need a quick and easy way to invest their funds, lack of payment options in the capital market, and the need to receive funds or profits more quickly. In this case, Faspay Sendme service can be a solution for instant distribution of funds to investors. The Faspay Business service can provide a variety of payment channel choice solutions.

On this occasion, Faspay not only shared in the talkshow session but also opened a booth to provide opportunities for stock exchange members and issuers to discuss further in discussing the potential for collaboration. Through this event, it is expected to increase public understanding of the development of the fintech industry in Indonesia, including introducing existing business categories in the fintech sector. Not only that, it is also hoped that this event can really help realize concrete collaboration between fintech and the capital market. This strong collaboration will certainly have positive implications for the wider community, especially related to financial inclusion.

| Editor : YJ |