In order to strengthen the collaboration between Bank Faspay and Permata, Faspay together with Permata Bank held a Cash Management Meeting at the Metropolitan Tower, South Jakarta on Wednesday, September 11, 2019. The event was held by the Faspay team and the Permata Bank cash management team in Bekasi, Medan, Bali, Semarang, Yogyakarta, Surabaya, Jakarta and Balikpapan. Through this event, Faspay had the opportunity to present Faspay’s latest services and send well-established cooperation with Permata Bank.
As a payment gateway partner or Bank Permata payment gateway, Faspay continues to innovate to accommodate the needs of customers in terms of payment systems and to be a total solution for business payments. In this event, Sunny Prima Juwita, Head of Faspay Merchant Acquisition, introduced the latest features in the Faspay Billing and Faspay Sendme services.
On this occasion introduced a payment link feature on Billing Faspay which will help businesses make it easy to create payment links or links through the Faspay dashboard and can link these links to any platform. Customers who receive the link can pay directly from the link provided. Another innovative feature of the Faspay service is the bulk transfer and single transfer features which can be done via the Faspay Sendme dashboard. This mass transfer feature will greatly facilitate businesses who want to make mass transfers by simply uploading the data of the intended account number.
This event is expected to be more supportive of cooperation with Permata Bank and this collaboration can continue to be developed into more synergistic cooperation in the future. In addition, it is hoped that this meeting can be an opportunity to discuss the hopes of cooperation that can be established in the following year so that it can continue to support business development in the digital age.