Faspay collaborated with GoWork Coworking Space to hold a Tasty Thursday event which was held on Thursday, June 20, 2019 and took place at GoWork Chubb Square, Central Jakarta. The Tasty Thursday event itself is a collaboration between GoWork and Faspay which is held in order to share information and updates about the generation of cashless and online payment services as well as strategies to deal with financial technology trends for GoWork members who work at GoWork Chubb Square.

On this occasion, Kina Grace from the Faspay Marketing team explained about the rapidly developing digital payment trends in Indonesia. In addition, the trend of online shopping has also changed in terms of online payment methods where this allows customers to transact more briefly, making transactions across countries and currencies to the eMoney growth trend which has increased by 70% from March to December 2018. Of course, Faspay as the first Payment Gateway that has received permission from Bank Indonesia believes that online payment solutions are needed by a variety of industries and businesses that can also be a solution for businesses and customers to transact.

Besides being able to add interesting insights about the world of financial technology, this event is also expected to encourage collaboration between GoWork Chubb Square members from various industry lines such as tech startups, digital services, e-commerce, platform providers, creative agencies, financial technology, and non -profits, with Faspay Payment Gateway service as an online payment solution. The event then closed with a lunch and togetherness between the Faspay team and GoWork member Chubb Square.

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