By: PT. Sisindokom Lintasbuana

Every employee has the same opportunity to grow, to fulfill their potential and explore their creativity. PT Sisindokom Lintasbuana’s HR Team works with several training vendors to conduct a series of training both to develop soft skills and hard skills of employees. Soft skills are carried out with in-house training, where we see the need for employees floating in the current year. Then choose the best trainer, who has competence on the training topic.

Hard skills for certain materials can be done by inviting senior employees to become trainers, regarding their technical abilities. As for in-depth technical training and requiring training certificates, Sisindokom also gives employees the opportunity to attend external training or exams.

Fun at Work Sisindokom provides several ways to make it easier for employees to have enough opportunities to connect with each other. One of them is the gym on the 6th floor of Graha Sisindokom and various sports clubs according to the interests of employees such as Yoga, Aerobics, Freeletik, Badminton, Basketball, Ping-Pong, and Futsal.

Every year Sisindokom always participates in celebrating the Republic of Indonesia Anniversary. Some of the activities carried out were singing the Indonesia Raya song, various interesting competitions, various foods that spoil the tongue and various attractive prizes.